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Providing wide-area communications to mobile operators traveling interstate and stations in our vast coverage area.
Part of the WAN Repeater System
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The Target Link System

This page describes an Amateur Radio Repeater system comprised of a number of repeaters connected together to provide a means of communicating via portable, mobile, or fixed stations over a wide area of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, including Pittsburgh PA, Baltimore MD, and Washington DC.

This system is a part of the WAN Repeater System

Amateur Radio Operators wishing to use our system are asked to adhere to the following:

Be attentive to the amount of time you use the system during a given day, thereby allowing more amateurs the opportunity to use the system.  Be courteous to your fellow operators while using our system. Long winded QSO's discourage other users from using the system. Due to the nature and the wide coverage of the system when one repeater in the network is in use for an extended period this is also tying up many repeaters. Many of these rag chews could just as easily be carried out on simplex or other repeaters that are not part of a wide coverage link system. You must also be aware that what you say on the system can be heard over many thousand square miles. Technically our system is one of the best. Many people have put a lot of time, effort, and money in the system to make it work. However, how we use and conduct ourselves while using it can make or break the effectiveness of the system. Never use 11 meter lingo on this link system.

The system is available for any properly licensed amateur radio operator to use.  You need not be a member of the A.H.R.A, Berkeley Springs ARA, or MADXRA to use this system.

Technical Operation

This system is based around the tri-band 146.745, 224.700, and 443.850 repeaters located near Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. The 220 MHz and UHF repeaters are used as the central hub of the Target Link System. When connected, a linked repeaters audio is routed through the hub repeaters and is available for distribution to the rest of the system. Any linked repeater may be dropped from the system to provide local communications when necessary. Go to Technical Specifications page.  The link system uses a CTCSS access tone of 123.0 Hz, except for the Damascus 145.250 repeater which uses 146.2 Hz.

General System Coverage Area

Most of Maryland
Southern Pennsylvania
Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia
Northern Virginia
Mid Eastern Ohio

Click for detailed system coverage map (NOTE: Severely outdated!)

Repeaters in the System

KK3L  146.745-  Berkeley Springs, WV 
W3VLG  224.700-  Berkeley Springs, WV 
KK3L  443.850+  Berkeley Springs, WV 
W3WGX  146.835-  Seven Springs, PA 
 N3VNG 145.250-  Damascus, MD
 KK3L 147.240+  Cumberland, MD
 K3MAD 147.060+  Frederick, MD
 KB8NUF 146.805-  Oakland, MD

Owners and Trustees of the Target Link System


KK3L  Marlon Kasekamp  Owner of the 146.745- and 443.850+   Berkeley Springs, WV 
WJ8G  Kevin Custer  Owner of the 146.835-  Seven Springs, PA 
W3VLG  Tony Lowery  Owner of the 224.700-   Berkeley Springs, WV 
N3VNG  Tim Beall  Trustee of the 147.060-  Frederick, MD 
WJ8G & KK3L  Kevin Custer, Marlon Kasekamp  Owners of the 145.250-  Damascus, MD

Support of the Target Link System  (Donations are appreciated!)


Repeaters  Direct Inquires to 
The Berkeley Springs Amateur Radio Association 
PO Box 222 
Ellerslie, MD 21529-0222 
The Allegheny Highlands Repeater Association
218 Pennsylvania Avenue West
Warren PA 16365 

Amateur Radio Links

  • The WAN Repeater System
  • T-MARC
  • The Mid-Atlantic DX and Repeater Association
  • ARRL
  • QRZ Database
  • Allegheny Highlands Repeater Association (AHRA)
  • The Repeater Builders Technical Information Page
  • Inquires

    Inquires, responsible comments, and/or suggestions are welcomed and should be directed to:

    Marlon "Kasey" Kasekamp - KK3L
    Email: kasey@atlanticbb.net

    Kevin Custer - WJ8G
    Email: kuggie@kuggie.com

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